Our Mission

Optimising the assessment of cognition

How We Got Here

As an undergraduate, I became the primary caregiver for a family member who developed a brain disorder and experienced first-hand the challenges of getting good care.

Ten years later I was on the other side of the table, working in neurological and psychiatric research. It quickly became apparent that doctors lacked the tools they needed to measure brain behaviors. Imagine trying to detect cancer by asking a patient a few questions. We wouldn't dream of doing that. Without measurement tools, that was the status of brain healthcare.

I knew we could do better. With a talented group of collaborators we set to work making next-generation tools that could fundamentally transform brain healthcare.

Our Scientific Design

We go straight to the source of the world's best neuroscience, A.I., and data science. We collaborate with researchers across the U.S. and around the world who are leaders in their respective areas in order to build useful, high-quality clinical tools.

Our Art

Miro collaborates with budding and established artists to create surprising, warm, and delightful experiences. We hope they bring comfort, delight, and curiosity to your brain healthcare experience.

Our Team

Shenly Glenn

CEO & Founder

Joel Mefford

Chief Data Scientist

Natasha Belfor

Clinical Director

Zilong Zhao

Lead Data Engineer

Guifeng Zhou

Director of Quality Assurance and Compliance

Gemma Wu

Design Director

Moira Xu

General Manager

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