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Our Mission

Miro Health is on a mission to make quality, comprehensive brain healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone.

How We Got Here

I became a primary caregiver when my older sister developed a brain disorder. I was a sophomore in college. I watched helplessly as she became a pincushion for the try, fail, and try again approach so common for brain disorders. It was heartbreaking.


Ten years later I was on the other side of the table, conducting neurological and psychiatric research. Having a tech background in healthcare was an anomaly at that time, and it was clear that doctors in brain healthcare and research lacked the technologies they needed to look inside the brain and understand the real problems. I knew we could do better.


With a talented group of collaborators, we set to work making next-generation tools that could help doctors and patients better understand what was really going on.

- Shenly Glenn

CEO & Founder

Our Scientific Design

We go straight to the source of the world's best neuroscience, A.I., and data science. We collaborate with researchers across the U.S. and around the world who are leaders in their respective areas in order to build useful, high-quality clinical tools.

Our Art

Miro collaborates with budding and established artists to create surprising, warm, and delightful experiences. We hope they bring comfort, delight, and curiosity to your brain healthcare experience.

Our Collaborators

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Access quality brain healthcare today

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