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High-quality, low-cost healthcare

Miro’s proactive brain healthcare program is available to select Medicare Advantage Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, and Medicare Providers.

How Miro can benefit your organization

How Miro can benefit your organization

Improve Star Rating & bonus

Increase efficiency

Deliver proactive brain care
Manage chronic conditions
Improve patient experiences

Reduce clinical overhead

Streamline management

Reduce errors & waste

Provide earlier, accurate diagnoses

Reduce high-cost care events 

Eliminate unneeded procedures

Miro's breakthrough science transforms brain healthcare

Clinician observations of patient behaviors are a critical factor in diagnosis and care. Miro captures and analyzes these behaviors using sensors on mobile devices. Audio, video, and touchscreen recordings provide high-fidelity information for A.I. and machine learning analyses.

Predictive healthcare

Questionnaires gather patient self-report data. Intake, medical history, assessments.

Mobile apps activate specific brain functions. Sensors on mobile devices record patient interactions.




Improve the patient experience

Connected care is critical for improved outcomes. Miro empowers patients ages 65+ with access to quality care when and where it’s needed.

How It Works

Effortless, actionable, specialty healthcare

Invite patients to Miro: $0 Provider + $0 Payer

Miro assesses all patients: $0 billed to Provider and Payer
Miro sends Report and Care Plan to EMR

Review results: $0 Provider + $TBD Payer

Provider pays: $0
Medicare Advantage Plan pays: $ Depends on Dx

Provide ongoing support and care: $0 Provider + $TBD Payer

Miro provides ongoing care or lets you take over. Whatever you think is best.

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