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We are a new kind of brain health care provider. We enable automated, scalable diagnosis and care management of neurological, behavioral, and cognitive disorders for Health Plans and Provider Groups.

Powered by our FDA-designated Breakthrough A.I.

If you're like other Health Plans, you’re wondering how to reduce growing brain health care costs

What if we told you that our mobile brain health care could improve outcomes, generate revenue, and reduce costs?

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Take a giant leap forward

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Deliver multi-specialty brain healthcare in one simple app

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Support patients through Teleconsults with our team of specialists

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How it works

It's as simple as sending your patients an email invitation to Miro Health



Patients use their own devices to download the Miro App and self-assess with zero staff involvement or overhead



Our A.I. diagnoses neurological and psychiatric disorders, quantifies symptom severity, and delivers reports within 24-hours


Report + Teleconsult

Automated care expands your capacity, diversifies care programs, and optimizes efficiency

Key Benefits

Breakthrough science delivers unmatched accuracy

Predictive medicine helps patients and plans manage their costs

Present, proactive services expand market opportunities

We've paired our breakthrough A.I. with a proprietary pricing model so that you can deliver better care at a fraction of the cost



Cost reduction of care delivery

Cost reduction due to errors and waste

Let Miro Health be part of your team

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