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Consistent, high-quality care for neurological, psychiatric, and cognitive disorders

Yearly preventive, whole-brain health assessments

Consistent, high-quality care for neurological and cognitive disorders

Ongoing follow-up care and monitoring

Powered by our FDA-designated Breakthrough A.I.

Quality Telehealth care where and when your patients need it



Automated results

Specialist consults and care plans

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Specialty care is a click away

Our tools and experts detect issues early, provide specialty care and treatment plans, and monitor chronic conditions.

Examples of what we diagnose, treat, and support

Healthy Aging

Worried Aging

Alzheimer’s and related disorders

Cancer-related cognitive impairment

Concussion and head injury



Mild cognitive impairment (any cause)

Multiple sclerosis

Stroke (post-stroke)

Yearly, comprehensive specialty assessments keep your brain healthy

  • Detect potential problems early

  • Manage the concerns of healthy patients

  • Assess the effects of injury, illness, or medications

  • Measure brain health improvement over time

How do I refer patients to Miro Health?



Register as a Preferred Partner

Answer a few questions about your practice and patient population so that we know how best to meet your needs.


Contact a member of the Miro Health Team to get set up



Share your Miro Health Link with your patients

Patients will download the Miro Health app and complete assessments.

Miro’s specialists will provide personalized results and care information to you and your patients.

How we work with you and your patients

Yearly, preventive care

Miro assesses all patients aged 65+ as part of the Annual Medicare Wellness Exam with comprehensive self-administered specialty assessments that can detect disorders early and accurately.

Provider cost: $0
Payor cost: $0 for healthy patients

On-demand care

  • Mobile self- or supervised assessments

  • Interpreted reports and consults

  • Personalized care plans

  • Specialist consultations

  • Follow-on care and monitoring

Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Self-pay



Quality, whole-brain health care

  • 24/7 specialty assessments and treatment plans

  • Consistent, high-quality care

  • Multiple studies demonstrate that Miro Health outperforms standard of care


An ounce of prevention...

Finally, preventive brain healthcare that works


New healthcare economics

Our new economic model makes quality care accessible, reliable, and affordable.

Our Collaborators

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Provide reliable, specialty brain Telehealth care to your patients today

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