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Make brain healthcare the best part of your practice

Offer comprehensive brain healthcare to all of your patients aged 65+

Bye-bye, brief screen

Hello proactive specialty assessments

Neurology · Neuropsychology · Psychiatry · Speech & language pathology

Miro combines multiple specialty assessments into one simple app. Miro can be self-administered in 30-45 minutes and has been designated by the FDA as a Breakthrough Device.

Experience the benefits of Miro

Elevate your practice

Outperform Standard of Care

Expand your capacity

Deliver specialty care anywhere

Bend your cost curve

with proactive brain healthcare

Like Quest Dx and LabCorp who extract health markers from blood samples, Miro extracts brain health markers from digital samples of patient behaviors-recordings.

Self-administered assessments massively scale specialty care delivery. No supervision necessary.

Obtain actionable information before the first patient visit. Delivering specialty care as a first line assessment reduces errors and improves quality.

Elevate your practice

We combine our assessments, A.I., and doctors’ interpretations to deliver actionable care plans. Miro outperforms standard of care, and patients and clinicians love the Miro experience.

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Data processing, analyses, and scoring




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Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 4.28.20 PM 1.p

Mobile assessment

Miro’s self-assessments can be completed at home or in-office


Miro’s breakthrough assessments and A.I. deliver unprecedented results


Miro doctors interpret results and craft a personalized care plan

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Easily integrate actionable care plans and consult with our specialists

Expand your capacity

Deliver specialty brain healthcare anywhere


On-Demand Healthcare

Reliable, specialty brain assessments, care plans, and follow-up wherever and whenever you need it. Expand your primary care services, improve emergency care, integrate specialty services with one, simple app.

Cost to Providers: $0
Cost to insurers : Avg 60% savings


Population Healthcare

Cost to Providers: $0
Cost to insurers : Avg $20k savings / patient

Offer Miro’s Yearly Mental Physical as part of Medicare’s required Annual Wellness Exam. Miro’s proactive, comprehensive specialty care detects disorders early, lowers costs, prolongs independence and supports patients over time.

Bend your cost curve

Deliver proactive brain healthcare to patients aged 65+

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The Yearly Mental Physical

Integrate Miro results and care plan into patient care

1. Invite patient (doctor)

2. Do assessment (patient)

3. View results (doctor)

Download Miro app
Complete assessment

Upload spreadsheet 

Assign Miro

Assess everyone

Pay only for patients with problems

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Miro collaborators

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How can Miro benefit your organization?

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