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Senior Statistical Engineer


Full time

Position Description

Are you an experienced quantitative engineer with a strong math and probability background who has designed and built machine learning products from scratch, contributed to successful start-ups, and is ready to build meaningful brain healthcare products and medical devices (Software as a Medical Device)? As our Senior Statistical Engineer, you will help architect and implement the quantitative analysis of audio, video, touchscreen, and motion sensor recordings. You’ll design and implement novel methods to quantify key brain behaviors for the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological and psychiatric disorders.


  • Participate in diverse projects involving exploratory data analysis, statistical inference, and predictive modeling

  • Apply risk analysis methodologies to problems in neurological and psychiatric health

  • Design and code feature extraction with open source and internally developed software

  • Develop calculations and built-in QA to ensure reliability and scalability

  • Provide support to internal and external clients when planning data collection, including framing the problem, experimental design, sample size calculations, and identifying appropriate populations and sampling strategies

  • Develop reports and visualizations to address clients’ scientific and engineering problems and to support litigation

  • Participate in the writing of grant proposals and statistical reports for the NIH, FDA, NSF and other agencies


  • MS or PhD with two years' experience in both computer science and statistics, biostatistics, or a related field

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to communicate statistical concepts to non-technical audiences

  • Experience or capabilities in such subject areas as statistical data mining, analysis of reliability and life data, experimental design, Bayesian statistics, machine learning, or quality control/improvement

  • Ability to work independently and in multidisciplinary teams

  • Experience building stable, scalable consumer software

  • Passion for clean, well-documented code

  • Experience working at an early stage startup 

  • Hands-on development while leading and mentoring junior team members

  • Experience successfully developing and launching consumer products

Qualities that will bring success to the role

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Strong ability to prioritize and maintain focus

  • Ability to accurately estimate work to deliver milestones on time


Competitive salary, equity, healthcare coverage, flexible hours, sick leave and vacation

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