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Miro Health backed by Baseline and Felicis in $5.2M Seed Round

Baseline is joined by Felicis Ventures to back Miro Health and its sole female founder in a $5.2M Seed Round. The company sits at the crossroads of data science and neuroscience and requires sophisticated engineering, clinical operations, and scientific research to make good on its promise of automating neurological healthcare. This is the first investment in a regulated healthcare company for both firms.

Shenly Glenn, Miro Health's founder and CEO explains, "Miro is a data company that operates like a healthcare company, just like Google started out as a data company that operated like a search company. Admittedly, this was a tricky raise. On the one hand, there were software investors who were shying away from regulation and sticking to unregulated mental health and medical billing companies. On the other hand, there were therapeutics investors who typically back molecular and genetics companies.”

Glenn continued, “Steve of Baseline Ventures got the business model and its promise from day one." Legendary for his bold investments and early stage successes, Steve Anderson, Baseline’s founder, has again broken away from the pack with his first bet on healthcare.

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