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Miro Health closes $500k Angel round

Sarah Imbach, a Silicon Valley insider, known for early operational roles at PayPal, LinkedIn, and 23andMe, has thrown her personal capital behind Miro Health, a neurological healthcare startup. She is joined by healthcare visionary, Tom Lee, co-founder of ePocrates and sole founder of One Medical, and Joe Gross who designed and built early network infrastructure at YouTube and Dropbox. Genentech has become Miro's first customer. Founded in 1976, and acquired by Roche in 2009, Genentech has pioneered methods of treating cancer and other ailments by harnessing the body’s native intelligence to eradicate disease rather than expose it to external toxins like chemotherapy. The success of

Genentech’s approach, broadly referred to as ‘biotechnology’, attracted pharmaceutical heavy-weights and start-ups alike, resulting in a fiercely competitive space.

While the war with cancer is far from won, and many patients find no effective therapy, a growing number of patients are surviving and returning to work. A good number of them, particularly knowledge workers, face difficulty in the performance of their duties to the extent that they are forced to change jobs or reduce their level of responsibility. As a result, therapeutics developers are being forced to look beyond preservation of life to the quality of life preserved.

Measuring subtle changes in brain functions that yield significant impairment of higher-level work duties requires tools capable of measuring such changes. Miro Health’s high fidelity, whole-brain approach delivers measurement of nuanced performance changes associated with Cancer Related Cognitive Impairment (CRCI).

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