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Your privacy is core to our mission

Here’s information on the data that Miro collects, how it’s used,
and how you can control it.

Miro is focused on accurately quantifying brain function to help guide health decisions. Protecting the privacy and security of your information is one of our most important responsibilities. This page shares a summary of Miro’s privacy practices.


What information does Miro collect?

Account information

Depending on how you use Miro, we may collect your name, email, and phone number.


Your demographics and health history

Design and develop product marketing materials (web/mobile), social media campaigns, and external marketing and promotion efforts


Craft and maintain company voice, tone, and messaging across product and media channels

Personal information like age, gender, and health status is collected in order to accurately quantify brain performance. This information is decoupled from your name, email, and other account information and anonymized for research.


Activity and questionnaire data

Your answers to questionnaires and your interactions with activities on mobile devices are collected via our web and mobile apps. This information is decoupled from your name, email, and other account information and anonymized for research.


Device data

Miro collects mobile device information that might affect data capture or performance such as device type and operating system.

What does Miro do with my information?

Maintain and improve our systems

Miro maintains detailed quality control procedures to help ensure the reliability of our tests. Your de-identified data can help maintain these procedures.


We provide you with brain performance insights

Right now, Miro is only accessible to you if you participate in research. At the conclusion of your research study, non-clinical information about your brain function will be available to you.


We produce clinically actionable results

At the conclusion of the study, Miro will be able to share general information on your brain health status. Clinically-relevant information will be available through your healthcare provider.


We improve current products

Miro bundles your anonymized data in groups by age, gender, and other demographic features to inform our product. Your de-identified data may be used for quality improvements like improving accuracy of technically challenging components of our analyses.

How can I control my information?

Share your results with healthcare providers

If you request it, Miro can send your results securely to the doctors’ offices that you specify. Should your physician review Miro’s medical interpretation, your health insurer (not your physician and not you) will be billed.


Deactivate your account

If you’d like to deactivate your account, go to our Deactivate Account page and enter your information. Please note: If your data was collected as part of a research study or healthcare provision, we’re required by regulatory bodies to preserve your data for a minimum period of time after study conclusion or after healthcare provision.


Who does Miro share my identifiable information with?

Miro shares your information with no one and no organizations unless specifically requested by you. For example, you might request that Miro share with your healthcare provider.


How does Miro protect my information?

Security is a primary consideration in everything we do. Here's how Miro works to keep your personal information safe and secure.


Data security

Our infrastructure has been built from the beginning with data security in mind. We encrypt your data when it’s at rest (using AES-256) and when it’s in transit (using SSL), including between our internal servers (TLS). Strict guidelines and access controls, including multi-factor authentication, work to ensure that the data you entrust to Miro is protected, even within our walls.


Web security

All web pages on are served over HTTPS with a modern cipher suite. For optimal security, we encourage using the most up-to-date versions of modern browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. We test our website’s security on a regular basis.


Personal anonymity

Our automated computational analyses work on de-identified data, meaning that your personal details, like name, email, and billing information, that could be used to identify you, are kept separately from your performance information.


Additional questions about security concerns or questions?

Please contact us by email at

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