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Effortlessly expand your practice

Whole brain healthcare for primary care

The leading brain health care delivery service for neurological, psychiatric, cognitive, motor, and speech-language disorders is now available to primary care physicians

Expand your reach with mobile delivery

Whole brain healthcare in one simple app

Assessments, diagnostics, care delivery

Rapid, sensor-based assessments for the whole brain

  • Neurology

  • Neuropsychology

  • Psychiatry

  • Speech-language pathology

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Accessible Telehealth services

Specialty assessments and questionnaires can be remotely self-administered

Telehealth consults with a Miro Health specialist are available on-demand

Easily manage costly conditions

No referrals, no wait times, no overhead


  • Early, accurate detection

  • Comprehensive differential diagnosis

  • Tailored treatment plans

  • Therapeutic response measurement

  • Remote, ongoing management


  • Increase diagnostic precision and accuracy

  • Decrease high-cost care events

  • Reduce emergency re-admissions

  • Minimize waste (transfers, errors, mismedication)

  • Remote, ongoing management

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Bend your cost curve with preventive care

Predict patient health to improve outcomes and lower disease burden

Seamlessly slip into Medicare’s Annual Wellness Exam with no added effort

Get ahead of chronic conditions

Get set-up with the simplest, most effective way to deliver brain healthcare


Register as a Partner


Refer patients

Refer your patient to Miro Health’s weblink


View results

View result & care plan
Consult with Miro Health experts

Miro Health is the first and only

FDA-designated Breakthrough Technology

for cognitive, neurological, and psychiatric care

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Because your patients deserve the best

Trusted by the nation's leading neurologists

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