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Social Impact

Miro creates tools that accelerate research and improve healthcare quality, access, and cost

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Universal healthcare

High-quality brain care for everyone aged 65+

Miro's innovative engineering lifted two key barriers to scaling high-quality care: (1) the shortage of specialists and (2) the time and location constraints of one-on-one, in-person assessments.

Three product versions, three UX testing cycles, and three sets of clinical studies later, Miro far outperformed Standard of Care. However, a significant obstacle remained: Traditional healthcare payment models weren't designed to deliver specialty brain healthcare to everyone. Insurers couldn't afford it. So we invented a whole new model, one that's better for patients, providers, and payers.

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Research and Development

We help find better treatments faster

The path to better healthcare starts with better therapies. Better therapies start with patient participation in research. So why isn't healthcare integrated with research? That's what we asked.

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