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Meet your personal brain doctor

Benchmark your brain health

Monitor recovery from injury or illness

Quickly diagnose brain conditions

Treat your brain like royalty.

Quality brain healthcare where and when it’s right for you

What if you could monitor your brain health like people monitor their blood sugar?

Expert insights are a download away

Whether you want to maintain your brain’s health, monitor an ongoing condition, or catch potential issues early when interventions are most effective, our tools and experts are here for you.


What we measure and support

Healthy Aging

Worried Aging

Alzheimer’s and related disorders

Cancer-related cognitive impairment

Concussion and head injury


Late-life depression

Mild cognitive impairment (any cause)

Multiple sclerosis

Stroke (post-stroke)

A comprehensive baseline can come in handy

To measure brain health improvement over time

In the event of a fall, car accident, or medical condition

To detect a potential problem early so you can get ahead of it

How do I get started?


Download our App

Download Miro Health’s app. Find a quiet space where you can focus your attention, then relax and engage with our interactive assessments.


Register as a new patient

Register, then answer a few questions about your health history, current health status, and lifestyle so we can get to know you.


Connect with our team of specialists to get your brain health results

Miro’s specialists will review your results, provide personalized care information and if necessary, referrals to nearby in-person specialists.

How we work with you and your insurer

Immediate benefits

  • Benchmark your current brain health status for future reference

  • Receive non-medical, personalized brain health info

$24 gets you started

Medical consultation

Receive your medical results with one of our experts or with your primary care doctor

  • Comprehensive brain health report

  • Personalized care plan

  • Longitudinal brain health analysis

Insurance coverage or self-pay



The best assessments available

Studies show that our Digital Brain Lab outperforms the experts. *FDA-designated Breakthrough Device


An ounce of prevention...

Finally, preventive brain healthcare is here.


New healthcare economics

Our new economic model makes quality care accessible, available, and affordable.

Access quality brain healthcare today

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