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Miro provides low-cost, high-quality care to your entire population aged 65+ so you can easily fulfill Medicare’s Yearly Wellness Evaluation Requirements.

The FDA has designated Miro a Breakthrough Device.

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Hello proactive specialty brain healthcare

Neurology · Neuropsychology · Psychiatry · Speech & language pathology

Choose from a standard Miro Study Plan or design your own

Coding & Reimbursement

Use Miro’s proactive approach to improve coding and cover the true costs of care.

Proactive care

Massivley scale specialty brain healthcare to keep costs low and care quality high.

A reduced cost curve

Obtain actionable info from comprehensive care to reduce errors and improve quality.

Up to 10 patients

1 month duration

Single location

On-Demand Healthcare

Reliable, specialty brain assessments, care plans, and follow-up wherever and whenever you need it. Expand your primary care services, improve emergency care, integrate specialty services with one, simple app.

Cost to Providers: $0
Cost to insurers : Avg 30% savings

Population Healthcare

Cost to Providers: $0
Cost to insurers : Avg 50% savings / patient

Miro meets Medicare’s Annual Wellness Exam requirements. With Miro, you can detect disorders early, prolong patient indpendence, and lower care utilization

Mobile assessments + Automated analyses

Elevate your care with Miro’s self-administered brain health platform. Miro combines multiple specialty assessments into one simple app and can be self-administered in 5-30 minutes.



Clinically-validated neurobehavioral assessments

Interpreted results

Care plan

Deliver better care

Provide a comprehensive neurological, psychiatric, and neuropsychological care team to patients on demand

Get the data you need

Patient health can be predicted and managed to lower lifetime disease costs

Bend your cost curve

Drive up reimbursement with Miro’s coding tools. Drive down costs with Miro’s ongoing remote care

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